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Antonio Vivaldi - I Concerti di Dresda

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"Vivaldi’s music enjoyed a cult following in Dresden after its introduction by the composer’s pupil Johann Pisendel, and listening to these works it is not hard to hear why. The two G minor concertos are scored for violin, two recorders, two oboes and strings (with an extra solo oboe in RV576), while the F majors both deploy a line-up of violin, two oboes, two horns and strings – rich stuff, reflecting the sumptuous sound-world of the Electoral orchestra.
Vivaldi revels in it all, the job of accommodating all the various solos in concise concerto movements inspiring him, it seems, to a joyously free-flowing stream of invention...the effect of this exhilarating and colourful parade is rather like that of walking through a busy circus ground, the eye constantly caught by the sight of different acts in rehearsal....It is conceivable, however, that no troupe could perform with the exuberant aplomb and skill of the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Their playing is buoyant, technically spot-on and alive with effortlessly
controlled energy, and they make every one of the music’s gestures count..."

Concerto in G Minor, RV577
Concerto in F Major, RV569
Concerto in G Minor, RV576
Sinfonia in C Major, RV192
Concerto in F Major, R.V574

Freiburger Barockorchester
dir. Gottfried von der Goltz

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