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John Dunstable - Cathedral Sounds

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John Dunstable, “an astrologian, mathematician, musician, and whatnot,” was born around 1390 in England and died on December 24, 1453 in London. “On the eve of Christ’s birth this star rose up into heaven” – this contemporary account of his death is about all that is known of Dunstable, one of the very greatest Western composers of his time. Without Dunstable and the contemporary English school of “contenance angloise” which he wholly embodies, one cannot imagine the later existence of so-called Dutch or Franco-Flemish polyphony, the basis of Western classical polyphony.

René Clemencic is a composer, conductor, harpsichordist, recorder & clavichord virtuoso, musicologist, and founder & leader of one of the most renowned early music groups, the Clemencic Consort. They have given concerts all over the world and have won international awards, including the Edison, Grand Prix du Disque, Diapason d’Or and Prix Cecilia.


1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Salve Regina
4. Sub tuam protectionem I (organ)
5. Ave regina celorum
6. Sanctus
7. Sub tuam protectionem II (organ)
8. Magnificat
9. Beata Dei genitrix
10. Et propter hoc (organ)
11. Regina celi letare

René Clemencic (organ)
Bernd Lambauer (tenor)
Johannes Chum (tenor)
Colin Mason (baritone)

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