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Vivaldi - Concerti per Flauto Op.10

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Vivaldi assembled the Op.10 Flute Concertos in 1725 from his vast supply of scores going back to 1703. He selected five concertos, some for recorder, others for flute. Adding a new concerto, he rescored the five with the solos assigned to the transverse flute and the accompaniments redesigned for contemporary string orchestra. They were published in Amsterdam in 1728 as his Op.10 Flute Concertos. Frans Bruggen chooses to use the original, extremely colorful, Venetian versions of these scores. He even uses the recorder for the first two concertos. They are an earthy, joyful pair of concertos: effervescent and suffused with Italian sunshine, they bounce along merrily led by Bruggen's splendid playing. The final four concertos, played on transverse flute, are equally as good. Two Baroque oboe concertos by Marcello and Platti, beautifully played by oboist Bruce Haynes, round out the splendid collection. Bruggen conducts the Orchestra of the 18th Century. They are lithe and lean, playing with restraint, allowing the soloists to shine. Yet they sound as joyful and impressively alive as the two soloists. This is wonderful music. The sound is stunningly immediate for a recording made in 1979. Nearly 80 minutes of music at a bargain price. Take advantage of this opportunity before it vanishes into the mist along with those first, heady days of the period performance era.
Mike Birman


Concerto n°1 in F-dur "Tempesta di Mare"
Concerto n°2 in g-moll "La Notte"
Concerto n°3 in D-dur "Il Gardellino"
Concerto n°4 in G-dur
Concerto n°5 in F-dur
Concerto n°6 in G-dur

Frans Bruggen, flute
Orchestra of the XVIIIth Century

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