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Vivaldi - Concerti per violino vol. V "Per Pisendel"

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Concerto RV 177 in C major
Concerto RV 212a in D major
Concerto RV 246 in D minor
Concerto RV 370 in B flat major 'Per Pisendel'
Concerto RV 242 Op.8 n°7 in D minor 'Per Pisendel'
Concerto RV 379 Op.12 n°5 in B flat major
Concerto RV 328 in G minor 'Per Pisendel'

Dmitry Sinkovsky, violino e direzione
il Pomo d’Oro

This is the 49th title in the Vivaldi Edition and the 5th volume, out of approximately 12, of the series dedicated to the violin concertos whose manuscripts are held in the National Library of Turin. All the concertos selected here are linked to German violinist Johann Georg Pisendel, member of the Dresden orchestra, who spent time in Venice in 1716-17, with the Electoral Prince of Saxony Friedrich August. Vivaldi and Pisendel became very close friends and the Red Priest composed several works for Pisendel. Moreover, Pisendel copied and performed afterwards in Germany several concertos by Vivaldi.
This series of 7 concertos is an overview of the complete art of Vivaldi as a composer and violinist: large in scale of music, invention, expression, energy, power of evocation, considerable virtuosity. Dmitry Sinkowsky is a fast-rising baroque violinist and conductor. He is currently the conductor of leading Italian baroque orchestra Il Complesso Barocco on Joyce di Donato's worldwide Drama Queen tour which hits London on 6th February 2013. He performs Vivaldi's violin concerto RV 242, also featured on this new recording.

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