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Lucente Stella

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The musical tapestry on this disc, woven with air and a great variety of recorders, presents compositions derived from widely differing civilizations and modes of thought, much as though it had sprung from Baudelaire's musing. This rich contrast between the Middle Ages and the present time brings to light a veritable archaeology of sound atmospheres in which new perspectives are revealed to our hearing, ranging from medieval modes to the atonality of our own century. Entire stories lie concealed behind the melodies of some of the pieces. Their diversity extends from a simple rondeau (Mes cuers est imprisones en trop cruel prison) which has come down to us via the pages of the famous Chansonnier de Noailles, to the lyrical lay of Tristan.

1 - Lai Du Chevrefeuielle - Anonyme, XIIIe siecle
2 - Lucente Stella - Anonyme, XIVe siecle - Ballata
3 - Belicha - Anonyme, Italian XIVe siecle - Istanpitta - For Consort
4 - Mes Cuers Est Emprisonnes - Anonyme, XIIIe siecle - Rondeau
5 - Nota - Anonyme, XIIIe siecle
6 - In Pro - Anonyme, XIVe siecle - Stanpitta
7 - Fragmente (1968) - Makoto Shinohara - Flute De Voix
8 - Tels Rit Au Main Qui Au Soir - Guillaume De Machaut - Complainte For Voice
9 - Non Perch'i' Speri, Donna - Anonymous, Italian, XIVe siecle - Ballata
10 - Chominciamento Di Gioia - Anonyme, Italian, XIVe siecle - Istanpitta
11 - Black Intention - Maki Ishii - For Recorder (1975)
12 - Chant Du Papillon - Chanson Des Indiens Du Pueblo Laguna (Nouveau Mexique)

Pierre Hamon
(3-holed flute, bamboo flute, Ganassi recorder, 

double recorder, cylindrical flute, voice flute, Navajo flute)

John Wright (kirghiz guitar)
Habib Yammine (frame drum - track 3, tambourine)
Florence Jacquemart (artistic consultant)

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