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J.J.Rousseau - Le Devin du Village

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Le Devin du Village ("The Village Soothsayer") is an opera by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, first performed before the court at Fontainbleau on 18 October 1752. King Louis XV so loved the work that he offered Rousseau a life pension, a great honor, but which Rousseau refused. The opera was one of the most popular of its day and gave Rousseau a great deal of fame and wealth.

An English translation by Charles Burney, The Cunning Man was performed in London in 1762. Rousseau's work was the object of a parody in the Singspiel Bastien und Bastienne by the twelve-year-old Mozart.

Plot synopsis

Colin (tenor) and Colette (soprano) love one another, yet they suspect each other of being unfaithful. They each seek the advice and support of the village soothsayer (Le Devin; basso buffo or baritone) in order to reinforce their love. After a series of deceptions, Colin and Colette reconcile and are happily married.


Dongkyu Choy (Tenor)
Thomas Muller De Vries (Bass)
Eva Kirchner (Soprano)


Alpe Adria Ensemble
Gottardo Tomat Chorus


René Clemencic

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