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Graupner - Instrumental and Vocal Music vol.2

20 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 103 Mb

A contemporary of J.S. Bach, Christoph Graupner (Kirchberg, Saxony, January 1683-Darmstadt, Hesse, May 1760) was a composer highly thought of in his day, much like Handel or Telemann, with whom he maintained a lifetime friendship. After studying with Kuhnau, J.S. Bach 's predecessor as Cantor of St. Thomas's in Leipzig, Graupner left the city in 1705 to assume the function of harpsichordist at the Hamburg Opera Orchestra, under Reinhard Keiser. 
At that time, Graupner composed several operas that received great public acclaim. In 1709, Graupner was offered by the Landgrave a post at the court in Hesse-Darmstadt, where he became conductor and composer (Hofkapellmeister) in 1711. Struck with total blindness in 1754, he stopped composing altogether. He remained at the Darmstadt court until his death on May 10, 1760. Graupner also gained notoriety for the meticulous calligraphy of his autographs and scores, the writing of which he completed with great care. A prolific and tireless composer, Graupner composed 41 partitas and a few other miscellaneous works for harpsichord, some ten operas (several of which are lost), 1,418 sacred and 24 secular cantatas, 44 concertos for one to four instruments, 86 orchestral overture–suites, and 37 sonatas (trio, a quattro, and a sei).


Cantata For Soprano 'Die Krankheit, So Mich Drückt'
Sonata For Violin & Harpsichord, G, GWV 708
Overture For Viola D'amore & Orchestra, D, GWV 426
Aria 'Sprich, Mein Herz', From Lass Dir Wohlgefallen Die Rede Meines Mundes

L'Ensemble des Idées heureuses
dir. Geneviève Soly

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