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Telemann - Hamburger Admiralitatsmusik

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 180 Mb

For a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Admiralty, the agency controlling the maritime and mercantile affairs of the Free City of Hamburg, a great festivity was held in April of 1723. Both before and after a commemorative banquet, new musical works of the city's official composer, Georg Philipp Telemann were performed. One of these, for after the meal, was a Serenade or large cantata to words of the distinguished local poet Michael Richey, known today as the Hamburg Admiralty Music. Performed before the meal was an orchestral Suite in C called Hamburg Ebb and Flow (or, more sensibly, The Tides of Hamburg), also known nowadays as Telemann's Wasser-Music. It has been one of Telemann's most popular works on record, perhaps partly because of the title, which reminds people of Handel's Water Music.


Overture in C
Hamburger Admiralitatsmusik


Mieke Van der Sluis (Soprano)
Graham Pushee (Tenor)
Rufus Müller (Tenor)
Klaus Mertens (Bass)
David Thomas (Bass)
Michael Schopper (Bass)

Alsfelder Vokalensemble
Barockorchester Bremen
dir. Wolfgang Helbrich

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