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Nicola Antonio Porpora - Passio

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 110 Mb

Nicola Antonio Porpora (1686-1768) was a celebrated composer and singing teacher, his ability to set the Italian language to music was internationally acknowledged during his lifetime. In a career that spanned almost seventy years Porpora worked mainly in Naples, Rome, Venice, London, Dresden and Vienna. As a singing teacher he created stars such as Farinelli, Caffarelli and Porporino. Much of his compositional output is of exceptional quality. He made his chief contribution in the vocal realm, having written many worthwhile secular and sacred operas, oratorios, serenatas, and cantatas, as well as various lamentations and duets.The six vocal pieces on Latin text - Sei duetti latini sulla passione di nostro signore Gesù Cristo (1754) - were dedicated to the Electoral Prince of Saxony for private devotional use ("to be sung on Lent Fridays in the Chapel of His Most Serene Highness"). The songs fit perfectly into the definition of the genre of the Italian Chamber Duet (Italienische Kammerduette), with the only peculiarity of presenting a Latin text. Written as da capo arias for two voices and continuo, at this time the Italian Chamber Duets are usually intended as the refined genre par excellence. The collection can be read as a kind of presentation of Porpora's abilities, his taste and his inventiveness.


Duetto 1: Crimen Adae quantum constat
Duetto 2: Rigate lacrimis
Duetto 3: Mortis causa tu fuisti
Fuga 5
Duetto 4: In hoc vexillo Crucis
Duetto 5: Tamquam agnus immolatur
Duetto 6: Ab imo pectore
Fuga 6 Diatonico Enarmonico Cromatico
Nicola Porpora
Miserere di Anonimo Italiano

Stile Galante
dir. Stefano Aresi

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