domenica 13 luglio 2014

Tartini - The Devil's Sonata and other works

26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 111 Mb

This is one of the craziest classical CDs you will ever hear, but the madness is inspired. Andrew Manze, following a suggestion in one of Tartini's letters, gets rid of the published accompaniment and plays these pieces on the solo violin. In the other three works he takes plenty of liberties, but in the famous Devil's Trill Sonata he embellishes, improvises, departs from the text and comes back again. The verbal description sounds like my idea of a nightmare, but the execution is so inspired that this is one of the most compelling Baroque performances ever. Whether it is "authentic" or not, I have no idea, and Manze probably doesn't either. But this is a recording you will remember. --

Leslie Gerber


La Sonata del Diavolo in G minor
Theme and variation from "L'arte del arco"
Sonata in A minor
Pastorale for violin in scordatura

Andrew Manze, violin

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