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La Rocque'n'Roll

26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 120 Mb

Its cute title may mislead, but La Rocque 'n' Roll is neither a crossover album nor an anachronistic popularization of French Renaissance music. The Baltimore Consort brings vitality to its performances, and a little roughness at times, yet it does not use commercial gimmicks for the purpose of enticing new listeners. Conversely, the ensemble avoids sounding unduly chaste, that other pitfall of early music performance. Without pretensions toward authenticity, but with absolute confidence in their scholarship and skills, the musicians play the music honestly and openly, and with a virtuosity that seems effortless. Mary Anne Ballard, Mark Cudek, Larry Lipkis, and Chris Norman change off from their primary instruments to improvise on a wide array of viols, flutes, recorders, reeds, and guitars, while Ronn McFarlane plays three lutes chosen for their different timbres. Sometimes controversial for her theatricality, soprano Custer LaRue is subtle in her performances here, tastefully characterizing the chansons only when their texts call for it. Most often, her voice is full and affecting, and her pronunciation of Middle French is excellent. Highlights of this disc include the lively dances by Michael Praetorius, Ballard's charming viol solo in Giovanni Bassani's Ung Gai Bergiere, and Jehan Planson's Une nimphe jolie, where LaRue's singing is most enchanting.


1 - J'ai vû le loup - French Traditional
2 - Has tu poiint veu - Adrian Le Roy
3 - Branle double - Michael Praetorius
4 - Branle de Montirande - Michael Praetorius
5 - Bransle de la torche - Michael Praetorius
6 - Mignonne, allons voir si la rose - Jehan Chardavoine
7 - Divisions on Frais et Gaillard - Giovanni Bassano
8 - Une m'avoit promis - Adrian Le Roy
9 - La Volte - Michael Praetorius
10 - Mes pas semez - Adrian Le Roy
11 - Gaillarde d'escosse - Pierre Phalèse
12 - Laroque galliarde - Pierre Phalèse
13 - Alemande de Liège - Pierre Phalèse
14 - Ma bergère, ma lumière - Jehan Planson
15 - Estans assis - Louis Bourgeois
16 - Prelude - Pierre Attaingnant
17 - Tant que vivrait en eage florissant - Claudin de Sermisy
18 - Ung Gai Bergier for recorder & continuo - Giovanni Bassano
19 - O Madame, pers-je mon tems - Pierre Certon
20 - J'ay le rebours - Adrian Le Roy
21 - Branles de Village - Robert Ballard
22 - Une jeune fillette - Jehan Chardavoine
23 - Le jeune fillette, for lute - Daniel Bacheler
24 - Une jeune fillette - Eustache du Caurroy
25 - Une nimphe jolie - Jehan Planson
26 - Jean de Nivelle - Jacques Mangeant

The Baltimore Consort

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