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Memento Mori

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 99 Mb

These 'moral cantatas', play on the 'affeti', ie they were used to heighten the devotional feelings of those attending sermons in Roman oratories, or prayer halls, in the early years of the 17th century. In these oratories were held informal meetings, or spiritual exercises, using the vernacular, Italian instead of Latin, and in which music became a significant factor in attracting participants.
Those who commisioned such works [cardinals, popes, noble families] had long been aware of the attractive potential of secular genres. The ancient practices of laude, basso ostinato and lamenti, as well as popular new musical genres, including opera, which was developing, were able to flourish in the oratories as a vehicle for spiritual messages.
The booklet essay raises doubts as to the attribution of these works to Rossi and supposes that they were probably written for a period of penance in the liturgical year, perhaps during Lent. 
In each of the works on this recording the alto vocal part usually taken by a contralto or falsetto voice, is performed by a tenor, a personal, rather than musicological choice taken by Geoffroy Jourdain.


Claudio Monteverdi - Chi vol che m'innamori
Anon. da Monteverdi - Lamento de la Maddalena
Luigi Rossi - Disperar di se stesso
Luigi Rossi - O Cecità del misero mortale

Edwige Parat, soprano 
Karen Vourc'h, soprano 
Manuel Nuñez, tenor 
Emilio Gonzalez Toro, tenor 
Lisandro Abadie, bass, baritone

Les Cris de Paris 
dir. Geoffroy Jourdain

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