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Franciscus Bossinensis - Petrarca ed il cantare a liuto

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 In Italy, between the end of the15th and the beginning of the 16th century, the frottola opened a completely new musical period which was totally unrelated with the Flemish Styles.

Thanks to Isabella d’Este too, a great promoter of culture in its different forms, this new musical genre soon entered the main Italian courts such as Mantua, Ferrara, Venice, Milan.

The variety of knowledges and interests, especially literary, of these settings is reflected in the different forms in which the frottola appears: - texts by illustrious poets, – the very best Petrarch, whose numerous poems taken from “Canzoniere” were set to music – texts by minor poets, but also texts in Latin to testify the zest of the classic ancient times rediscovery and popular texts revived and arranged in the new frottola expression.

To this variation between high and low literary genres, corresponded a natural metrical variety: we can find in fact, strambottos, ballads, sonnets, odes, chapters and other forms known as frottole.


 01 "Francesco d'Ana - Nasce l'aspro mio tormento"
02 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Ite caldi miei sospiri"
03 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Ostinato vo' seguire"
04 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Per dolor me bagno e 'l viso"
05 "Joan Ambrosio Dalza - Tastar de corde - Recercar dietro"
06 "Pietro Scotto - O tempo o ciel volubil"
07 "Franciscus Bossinensis - Recercar VI"
08 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Occhi mei lassi"
09 "Marchetto Cara - Non è tempo d'aspectare"
10 "Joan Ambrosio Dalza - Poi che volse la mia stella"
11 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - A la guerra, a la guerra"
12 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Si è debile il filo"
13 "Franciscus Bossinensis - Recercar I"
14 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Zephiro spira"
15 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - Che debbo far"
16 "Marchetto Cara - Per fuggir d'amor le punte"
17 "Joan Ambrosio Dalza - Calata ala spagnola"
18 "Bartolomeo Tromboncino - S'il dissi mai ch'io venga"
19 "Marchetto Cara - S'io sedo all'hombra"
20 "Michele Pesenti - Ahimè ch'io moro"
21 "Anonimo - Mia benigna fortuna"
22 "Benedetto Cariteo - Amando e desiando"

Teresa Nesci, soprano
Massimo Marchese, liuto

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