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Roots of the Balkan

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The twelve members of Ensemble Renaissance perform these pieces with true authority and, to this listener, they are authentic to the last. The group utilises upfront fiddles and bagpipes in addition to more local/regional instruments (saz, kaval etc.). The dance tunes, with their unusual and shifting time signatures, are everything you might imagine had sparked the imagination and creative impulse of Bartók on his field excursions to research the folk music of this and adjacent areas. (continue HERE:)


Easter Serbia
01 - Igra i pesma 'Sitan biber' (Wedding dance & song)
02 - Nocna putnicka melodija (Night travel melody)
03 - Putnicka pesma 'Visoko drvo, lad nema' (Travel melody)
04 - Tri igre- Ostroljanka, Polomka, Cigancica (3 Dances)
Kossovo & Metochia
05 - 'Marijo, deli, bela kumrijo (Ah! Mary my Sweet Dove)
06 - 'Crna zemljo, sestro' (Black Earth my Sister)
07 - 'Oh, jabuko, zeleniko' (Hey You! Green Apple-Tree)
08 - 'Izvor voda izvirase' (Spring Water)
09 - 'Soko bira, gde ce naci mira'
10 - 'Oj, mori vrbo, zelena (Hey You! Green Willow)
11 - 'Svunoc mi sanak ne dodje'
12 - 'Kisa pada, trava raste' (Come the Rain, Grow the Grass)
13 - 'Gusta mi magla pandala' (The Dense Fog Came Down)
Central Serbia
14 - Cetiri igre- Stara setnja, Zavrzlama, Siljcici - Poljanka
15 - Tri igre- Cigancica, Stara cranjanka, Zavrzlama (3 Dances)
16 - Dve igre- Gajdica, Sareno oro (2 Dances)
17 - Sedam igara iz Levca (7 dances from Levach)
South Serbia
18 - Pesma 'Sadila moma lojze' (The Maidin Puts the Grepevine in)
19 - Kasapsko kolo (Buthcher's Wheel Dance)
20 - Skomraska igra (Jugglers' Play)
21 - Devojacko kolo (Maidens Wheel Dance)

Ensemble Renaissance

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