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At The Sign of the Crumhorn

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 This disc offers an approach to performance that emphasizes the music’s popular context and secular function. In other words, the singing style is plain, somewhat earthy, and full of energy and a sort of naïve expressiveness. The instrumental pieces carry their own distinctive character, owing to the unique timbres of the instruments themselves–crumhorn, trombone, shawm, recorder, gamba, lute–and to the liveliness of the arrangements, which primarily are in the form of dances. The musical sources are the published collections of Tielman Susato, a noted 16th-century composer, performer, arranger, and music publisher. His extensive volumes contain excellent examples of Flemish vocal and instrumental music of the period from a variety of composers. As you might expect, the songs and dances come in all variety of performing configurations, and the members of the ensemble Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense excel at keeping the program moving and have good instincts for appealing instrumental and vocal groupings. Although for my taste their “unpolished” manner emerges a bit too prominently on some of the vocal selections, these are solid, savvy musicians who obviously are having fun with their material–just as the original performers undoubtedly did.


1. Hellinc - Come out all
2. Baston - Needles, needles
3. Susato - Den 3 Ronde + Den 4 Ronde + Les quatre Branles
4. anon - In sorrow must I die
5. anon - I carry in my heart
6. Souliaert - Be sure to drink in moderation
7. Appenzeller - A Venus creature
8. anon - How sorrowful is my heart
9. Hellinc - New Almanack
10. Susato - In the middle of May
11. Baston - A Guild has its wench
12. anon - My heart has secretly departed
13. Susato - My beloved's brown eyes
14. anon - Ye noble young spirits
15. Susato - Ronde 4-1-6
16. Susato - Fool's entr'acte
17. Clemens non Papa - Beautiful Venus
18. Susato - Hoboken Dance
19. Souliaert - I went out last night
20. Susato - Allemande 4-3-6
21. Susato - Gaillarde 1-2-3
22. Verbonnet - You are the most precious
23. Souliaert - Pain and sorrow + I mourn
24. Susato - O time so heartily full of melodies
25. anon - Now take note
26. anon - Here we come
27. anon - A girl came walking by I
28. anon - A girl came walking by II
29. Susato - Ronde 3-4

Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense

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