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J.M.Molter - Orchestral & Chamber Music

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Music of the period between the High Baroque of Bach and Vivaldi and the High Classical music of Haydn and Mozart has lately been the focus of energetic exploration by historical-instrument ensembles. Italy was in the stylistic forefront of what became the symphony, but experiments in putting together what we know as the exquisitely balanced forms of the late eighteenth century occurred in various parts of Europe. This disc offers a fair sampling of the music of Johann Melchior Molter, a composer active in the German cities of Eisenach and Karlsruhe. There are two pieces titled "Ouverture," essentially French dance suites that are starting to show the influence of the symphony and replace some of the dances with Classical-sounding fast movements. There is one sonata for violin and one for transverse flute, each with continuo; these are technically athletic works. An oboe concerto, influenced by Vivaldi but containing some distinctive and forward-looking orchestral remarks in the middle of its oboe solos, is also included. This album is intended mostly for those with a special interest in music of the early Classical period, as evidenced by the astonishing first sentence of its liner notes: "You certainly know Johann Melchior Molter by name ...." Most of us have at best a vague awareness that he wrote some trumpet concertos that showed up on Maurice André anthologies and the like. The music is a mixed bag. These works, especially the twisty, difficult Violin Sonata, Op. 1/6, were rather challenging in their day, and they aren't likely to satisfy buyers in search of casual listening. On the other hand, the range of genres and forces included makes the disc quite useful for those interested in delving more deeply into German music of this era. The performances by Nova Stravaganza and their harpsichordist leader Siegbert Rampe are brisk and bracing. James Manheim


Ouverture MWV III/9
2 oboes, bassoon, 2 violins, viola & continuo
Sonata MWV XI/13
transverse flute & continuo
Concerto MWV VI/21
oboe concertato, 2 violins, viola & continuo
Sonata op. 1,6 MWV XI/6
violin & continuo
Ouverture MWV III-13
2 horns, 2 oboes, bassoon, 2 violins, viola & continuo

Nova Stravaganza
dir. Siegbert Rampe

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