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The sweet love and the loving manner

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 129 Mb

The group's founding director, Stevie Wishart, conceived of Sinfonye as a group combining improvisatory skills derived from traditional music with performance practices recreated from historical research and is particularly interested in repertories sung, inspired or composed by women. In 1987, Sinfonye was awarded the highest prize in the Festival van Vlaanderen in Brugge and, joined by Andrew Lawrence King, made their first recording, Bella Domna, for Hyperion. Following an acclaimed London debut in 1988, Sinfonye performed at the Wigmore Hall for the International Prizewinners series, and, joined by Vivien Ellis in 1989, made a second Wigmore Hall appearance as part of their debut British tour for the Early Music Network.

'The disc is irresistible. The singing and playing are ravishing, the sound immediate and caressing. This month's list is full of unfamiliar things but this may be the loveliest' (Fanfare, USA)

'I'm not sure what medieval ears would have made of it but there's no denying Sinfonye's capacity for alerting us to a small but distinctive repertoire from an age and mentality essentially no different from our own' (BBC Music Magazine Top 1000 CDs Guide)


1. Careza, Alais, Iselda: Na Carenza
2. Iseut de Capio & Almuc de Castelnau: Domna N'Almucs, si-us plages
3. Beatriz de Romans: Na Maria
4. Anonymous: Soufres, maris
5. Anonymous: Toute seule, passerai
6. Anonymous: Por coi me bait mes maris?
7. Anonymous & Pistoleta: Bona domna, un conseill vos deman
8. Anonymous: C'est la gieus en mi les prez
9. Anonymous: C'est desoz l'olive en mi les prez
10. Anonymous: La jus desouz l'olive
11. Anonymous: Et une chambre cointe et grant / Et Gaudebit (instrumental)
12. Anonymous: Main s'est levee Aelis / Ne (instrumental)
13. Anonymous: Tout leis en mi les prez / Dominus (instrumental)
14. Ventadorn: Non es meraveilla s'eu chan (instrumental)
15. Comtessa de Dia: Estat ai en greu cossirier
16. Wishart & Comtessa de Dia: Estampie on "A chanter m'er" (instrumental)
17. Anonymous: Bele Doette as fenestres se siet
18. Marie de Dregnau de Lille: Mout m'abelist quant le voi (instrumental)
19. Audefroi le Bastart (fl. 1215): Bele Emmelos (instrumental)
20. Anonymous: Avant hier en un vest pre (instrumental)
21. Anonymous: Li debonnaires Dieus (instrumental)

dir. Stevie Wishart

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