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Dinastia Borgia

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Of the mighty series of recordings by Catalonian gambist and conductor Jordi Savall and his associated Capella Reila de Catalunya and instrumental group Hesperion XXI, this is among the most impressive. Savall's method is to use music to illuminate vast swaths of historical event and theme, and he has rarely been so ambitious and so successful as he is here. His topic is the Dinastia Borja, or the House of Borgia, who emerged in the 14th century from Savall's home ground of Valencia to play a dominant role in Italian ecclesiastical and political life for two centuries. The Borgias were politically skilled, but their true genius, much like figures of modern entertainment, lay in their ability to generate and control a fascinating atmosphere of sexuality, intrigue, and corruption, "the fatal power of legend," as the 300-page booklet puts it. The program of the three CDs spans a few hundred years, and it is divided thematically into these categories: "The origins and rise of the Borgia family," "The demise of the three cultures and the conquest of power: the Vatican," "The culmination and end of a dream," "The age of upheavals and Humanism: the Sibyl and the Prophecies of the Book of Revelation," "Battles and truces; military and political responsibilities," "Renunciation and spiritual transformation," and "Final years, death and canonization of Francisco de Borja." All of these things are reflected in the musical genres of the day, which have very rarely come alive as they do here. There is no space to enumerate the musical-historical linkages Savall and his troupe explore, but suffice it to say that a college course on the Borgias or the Italian Renaissance that used this recording as a text would make a deeper impression than probably any other one out there. Not to be missed.
Review by James Manheim


Disc: 1

1. Billadi Askara Min adbi Llama, traditional mowachah
2. Le Ductia
3. Saltarello, for ensemble (after G. Dufay)
4. Da pacem Domine, antiphon for 3 voices, K. 34
5. Deserts d'amichs, de béns e de senyor (Recitation)
6. Ce jour de l'an, rondeau for 3 voices
7. Correno multi cani, strambotto-caccia, CM 140
8. Zappay lo campo, strambotto, CM20
9. Ave maris stella, hymn for 3 voices (2 versions)
10. Makam Muhayyer 'Küme' usules Düyek - A cemler, war march for ensemble
11. Exultet caelum laudibus, vespers hymn (66)
12. Adoramus te Domine, for 4 voices, CM 4
13. Viva el Gran Re Don Fernando
14. Miserere nostri / Vexilla Regis, for 4 voices, CM 106
15. Le gran dolor (Recitation)
16. El cervel mi fa
17. Patres nostri peccaverunt, for 4 voices
18. De tous biens plaine, chanson
19. Ottoman Tasim & Dance, for kaval & percussion
20. Viva el gran Re Don Fernando con la Reina Don Isabella
21. Lamento per la morte di Lorenzo Il Magnifico (Recitation)
22. La rosa enflorece, song

Disc: 2

1. Salva regis Mater / Hic sacerdos, for vocal ensemble
2. Adonay malakh geout labech (Psalm 93) (Portugal)
3. Elogio de Lucrecia (Recitation)
4. Nymphes des bois/Requiem aeternam/Deploration de la Mort de Jehan Ockeghem, lament for 5 parts
5. Fortuna Desperata
6. Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious)
7. Un Cavalier Di Spagna, for consort
8. Torture and Execution of Savonarola, for drums & bells
9. Birth of Rodrigo, the son of Lucrezia and Alfonso ('Une musique de Buscaye'), for ensemble (after Josquin Desprez)
10. Donna, questa è la mia voglia
11. Si abrá en estre baldrés, villancico
12. Amor la tua virtute, madrigal (doubtful)
13. Absolve quesumus/Requiem aeternam, motet for 6 parts
14. Pavana alla ferrarese, for lute
15. Éloge de la duchesse de Ferrara (Recitation)
16. Aquí yaze u poco tierra, epitaph for voice, soprano viol & bass viol
17. Castalios latices ploranda (Recitation)
18. Missa 'Hercules Dux Ferrariae', for 4 parts: Agnus Dei
19. The Trumpets of the Apocalypse, fanfare for ensemble
20. Sibil-la Valenciana (Valencia) (reconstructed by J. Savall after Alfonso de Mondéjar & Bartolomé Cárceres)

Disc: 3

1. Fantasia 1
2. La Battaglia, for lute
3. Proch Dolor / Pie Jhesu, for 7 voices (attributed)
4. Todos los buenos soldados (Fragmento de la Ensalada 'La Guerra')
5. Fantasia No. 2 for lute
6. Tau garcó la durundena
7. Meis olhos van por lo mare, song
8. Égloga IIII: Aquella voluntad honesta y pura (Recitation)
9. Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra, for 6 voices
10. O Voy
11. Credo
12. Kyrie No. 1 for lute
13. Alma, buscarte has en Mi, contrafacta of 'Dama, mi grande querer' (CMP)
14. Lachrimosa dies illa, motet
15. Mille regretz, song for 4 parts
16. The Turks Attack Malta, traditional Turkish improvisation & dance for ensemble
17. Fanfare
18. Psalm 35: Deba contre mes debateurs, for vocal ensemble
19. Requiem: Pie Jesu Domine
20. El Rey y por S.M. Don Luis Carrillo, page 34 (Valencia 1611) (Recitation)
21. Lament for the Expulsion of the Moors, improvisation for ensemble
22. Tiento XVII de 'Pange lingua' 5th tone punto alto

Hesperion XXI 

dir. Jordi Savall

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