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Mozart & Haydn - Songs and Canzonettas

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One of the most powerful performances of Schubert’s ‘Erlkönig’ I have ever heard was by von Otter and Tan: responses to text and setting flashing from one to the other across the backdrop of a terror-stricken fortepiano. Here, mezzo and fortepianist travel back in time to the songs of Mozart and Haydn, to no less revelatory effect. The shorter, yet keenly expressive resonance of the fortepiano leaves the voice as prime mover in Mozart’s little salon melodramas. And in the French settings, von Otter’s voice takes on the matt pastel tones of Gustavian taste, very much the francophile Swede in period action. Haydn’s melodrama stretches to the concert scena Arianna a Naxos, a solo cantata in which the fortepiano does not wake Arianna too harshly from sleep and dream, yet provides a strong zoom lens for her anguished sighting of Teseo’s departing fleet. Haydn’s Mermaid and Sailor songs are favourite party pieces: the glinting waves of the one and the rolling seas of the other call forth from them some audacious and totally stylish ornamental abandon. 

Hilary Finch


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Komm, liebe Zither, komm, song for voice & mandolin (or piano), K. 351 (K. 367b )
Der Zauberer ("Ihr Mädchen"), song for voice & piano, K. 472
Als Luise die Briefe ("Erzeugt von heisser Phantasie"), song for voice & piano, K. 520
Oiseaux, si tous les ans, song for voice & piano, K. 307 (K. 284d)
Dans un bois solitaire, song for voice & piano, K. 308 (K. 295b)
Die betrogene Welt ("Der reiche Tor"), song for voice & piano, K. 474
Abendempfindung an Laura ("Abend ist's"), song for voice & piano, K. 523
An Chloe ("Wenn die Lieb'"), song for voice & piano, K. 524
Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling ("Komm, lieber Mai"), song for voice & piano, K. 596

Franz Joseph Haydn
Arianna a Naxos ("Teseo mio ben"), cantata for soprano & keyboard, H. 26b/2
The Mermaid's Song, song for voice & piano, H. 26a/25
A Pastoral Song ("My mother bids me bind my hair"), song for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/27
Fidelity ("While hollow burst the rushing winds"), for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/30
She Never Told Her Love, song for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/34
Sailor's Song, for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/31
Der verdienstvolle Sylvius, song for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/36bis
The Spirit's Song, song for voice & keyboard, H. 26a/41

Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzo-soprano
Melvyn Tan, fortepiano

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