domenica 20 luglio 2014

Sacred Songs of Sorrow

13 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 109 RAR Mb

This is the first solo recital from the young Chilean tenor Rodrigo del Pozo. It really deserves your attention. The program is very well chosen. These are songs by some of the "lesser" German composers - hence they are not frequently recorded. The relative obscurity of these songs is reason number one to buy this CD. Reason number two: the singer. Rodrigo del Pozo started his early music career as a lutenist. It so happened, however, that in 1990 he won a scholarship to study voice with the celebrated British tenor Nigel Rogers, and so, luckily for all of us, Rodrigo switched to singing. Among tenors, Rodrigo's voice is one of the most beautiful and easily the most unusual. Not only is his voice meltingly sweet and luminous, but it also boasts an unusually wide range, spanning two adjacent registers - alto and tenor - with no register break. The pieces on this disc (some of which are in the low alto range) show Rodrigo's amazing vocal versatility. All of the pieces here are sung with elegant graces and, even more importantly, with keen attention to the meaning of the text. The most effective piece - by any measure - is Johann Christoph Bach's Ach daß ich Wassers g'nug hätte, exploring the full amplitude of human sorrow and hope, from the brooding beginning ("Oh, if only I had enough tears to lament my failings), to the emphatically pounding syllables on "denn der Herr hat mich voll Jammers gemacht," to the slowly dying note on "Am Tage seines grimmigen Zorns," to the lyrically floating repetition of the first stanza. The result is haunting. I can practically guarantee you that this piece will be etched in your memory for ever.


1 - Dum tot carminibus - Johann Erasmus Kindermann
2 - Grablied Symphonia - Johann Erasmus Kindermann
3 - Lamentatio Prima du Jeudi Saint - Joseph-Hector Fiocco
4 - Lamentatio Prima du Jeudi Saint - Joseph-Hector Fiocco
5 - Symphonia - Johann Erasmus Kindermann
6 - Herzen -und Trostspruch: Herr Jesu Christ - David Schedlich
7 - 2nd movement - Johann Erasmus Kindermann
8 - Es ward aber an der Stätte, da er gekreuzigst ward - Christian Geist
9 - Drifache Fuga super Christ lag in Todesbanden - Johann Erasmus Kindermann
10 - Ach, daß ich Wassers genug hätte - Johann Christoph Bach
11 - Trost-Klang: Lamento - Johann Christian Fischer
12 - Sonata a tre viol da gamba - J. M. Nicolai
13 - Ciaconia - J. M. Nicolai

Charivari Agréable

Rodrigo del Pozo - tenor
Claire Salaman - baroque violin
Susanne Heinrich, Susanna Pell, Sarah Groser, Reiko Ichise - viols
Lynda Sayce - theorbo
Kah-Ming Ng - harpsichord & chamber organ

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  1. I've been looking for this record, you're an angel for offering these musical treasures, I've been following your blog since the past year, thank you.