martedì 22 luglio 2014

Esperar Sentir Morir

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Charivari Agréable's new CD, Esperar, Sentir, Morir is a collection of songs and dances from the Hispanic baroque era, with most of the pieces emerging from the courts of Philip III, Philip IV and Philip V. Everything Charivari touches turns to gold, and these dozen or so pieces were eloquently realized with a potent mix of exquisite musicianship, warm rapport and scholarly insight. Many of the songs dealt with the themes of solitude, unrequited love and melancholy -- such as Que se ausenta by Carmelite friar Francisco de Santiago, the anguished Filis, yo tengo by Clemente Imana and the title song of the concert and the CD, by prolific composer and royal harpist Juan Hidalgo. Kah Ming and Susanne underpinned proceedings with sensitivity, clarity and refinement. But the spotlight fell, perhaps inevitably, on the two singers. Clara Sanabras displayed a satisfying mix of technical assurance and tonal warmth, while Rodrigo del Pozo's alluringly sonorous tenor was the kind of voice I could listen to endlessly. Esperar, sentir, morir is a welcome addition to Charivari Agréable's already impressive discography, and a definite must-have for baroque enthusiasts.
Nicola Lisle


Juan Barter (c.1648-1706), ¡Hazo, Antón!
Anonymous, !Ay, mi Dios! ¿Qué fuera de mí sin vos?
Clemente Imaña (fl. 17C), Filis yo tengo
Francisco de Santiago (1578-1644), Que se ausenta
Anonymous, Solo, triste y ausente
Francisco Escalada, Canten dos jilguerillos
Francesc Valls (c.1671-1747), Gilguerillo que el ayre
Sebastián Durón (1660-1716), Tonada sola con flautas: Corazón, causatenéis
Anonymous/K-M Ng, The Charivari Canarios
Anonymous, Chacona
Anon. (K-M Ng/C. Sanabras), Quiero, y no saben que quiero
Juan Hidalgo (c.1612-1685)/ arr. K-M Ng, Esperar, sentir, morir
Anonymous, Tarambote
Anonymous, San Juan de Lima
Ruiz de Ribayaz/Allanic, Spagnoleta
E Mn M.1357 pp. 219-22 (c.1706), Differenzias sobre la Gayta

Charivari Agreable
dir. Kah-Ming Ng

Clara Sanabras, soprano 
Rodrigo del Pozo, tenor 
Susanne Heinrich, treble & bass viols 
Richard Sweeney, lute, guitar & theorbo 
Kah-Ming Ng, harpsichord & chamber organ 
Constance Allanic, triple harp

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  1. Special thanks for Charivari Agreable. This album is cheering me up while I am in hospital.

    RTJ in USA

  2. I wish you a very short stay and a quick recovery, RTJ.