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Reel of Tulloch: Baroque Music Scotland & Ireland

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 96 RAR Mb

In addition to their own consistently rich, sincere sound, Chatham Baroque does wonderful things with guest artists, creating different lush soundscapes with each release. This time the guest artist is Chris Norman, master of the wooden flute and member of such other ensembles as the Baltimore Consort and Helicon. The result of the collaboration is a jaunty yet elegant blend of the Italian and native folk styles popular in 17th century Scotland. This kind music is a perfect showcase for the soulful violin (or should I say fiddle?) playing of Julie Andrijeski and Emily Davidson, as well as Norman's wooden flute, which weaves and slides its way around a melody as well as any tin whistle and with more depth of tone. Patricia Halverson's gamba, and no less than three stringed instruments of Scott Pauley (theorbo, Baroque quitar and archlute), fit in seamlessly--gentle and grounding in the more Italianate pieces, lively and spirited in the folksier numbers. This breezy, cheerful CD should charm fans of classical and Celtic music alike. For an equally enjoyable recording with some similar qualities, try the Palladian Ensemble's "Held By the Ears," which also celebrates a fusion of traditional Scottish music with the high styles of the Baroque. 
Brianna Neal (Amazon customer)


Reel of Tulloch (arr. C. Norman)
James Oswald - Sonata of Scots Tunes
Francesco Geminiani - Sonata in D Major, "Bush aboon Traquiar"
Carden's Welcome (arr. C. Norman)
James Oswald - Serenata No. 5 in D Minor
William McGibbon - Sonata No. 5 in G Major "In Imitation of Corelli"
When se came in she bobbed (arr. C. Norman)
Mild Mabel Kelly  (arr. C. Norman)
Daniel Kelly (arr. C. Norman)
Castle Kelly (arr. C. Norman)
Captain Kelly (arr. C. Norman)
Through the Wood, Laudie
Thomas Baltzar - Prelude
Thomas Baltzar - John Come Kiss Me Now (arr. J. Andrijeski)

Chris Norman, Guest, Wooden Flute

Chatham Baroque

Julie Andrijeski, Violin
Emily Davidson, Violin
Patricia Halverson, Viola da Gamba
Scott Pauley, Theorbo & Baroque Guitar

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