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Alexander Agricola - Missa In myne Zyn

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Of the eight Masses by Agricola that have survived, the Missa in myne zyn is possibly the last, most demanding to perform and the most elaborate, making use of every possible technique, to include the thematic material of Agricola’s own 3-part song In myne zyn. The secular pieces recorded here lend themselves particularly well to the techniques of ornamentation and improvisation that the composer himself suggests.

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1 - Ante Missam: In minen sin
2 - Ante Missam: Si j'aime mon amy
3 - Ante Missam: Bien soiez venu – Alleluia
4 - Ante Missam: In mynen zin
5 - Ad Missam: Gloria, extrait de Missa In myne Zyn
6 - Ad Missam: Comme femme desconfortée II
7 - Ad Missam: Credo, extrait de Missa In myne Zyn
8 - Ad Missam: D'ung aultre amer III
9 - Ad Missam: Sanctus, extrait de Missa In myne Zyn
10 - Ad Missam: Tout a par moy II
11 - Ad Missam: Agnus Dei, extrait de Missa In myne Zyn
12 - Ad Vesperam: Pater meus agricola est
13 - Ad Vesperam: Regina coeli

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