mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

Doctor Bull's Good Night

23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 116 Mb

Pierre Hantaï’s recital takes its name from one of the pieces in his reissued programme of keyboard music by John Bull. After Byrd, it is the music of Bull and Giles Farnaby which is most fully represented in that early 17th-century keyboard vade mecum, the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. Hantaï offers a rich cross-section of Bull’s various styles, ranging from the contrapuntal ‘In nomine’ tradition which incorporates a cantus firmus from Taverner’s Gloria tibi Trinitas Mass – there are four such pieces included here – to more up-to-date dances and virtuosic fantasias. Hantaï plays a late 17th-century Italian harpsichord, and it is playing of a high order, clearly articulated, rhythmically taut yet never inflexible, and full of demonstrative gesture, purposeful, elegant and highly communicative. A fine recital. Nicholas Anderson


1. In Nomine for keyboard (Musica Britannica No 12)
2. Pavan in the Second Tone for keyboard
3. Galliard for keyboard (Musica Britannica No 78)
4. King's Hunt, for keyboard, Fvb 135, MB 125
5. Germain's Alman
6. English Toy for keyboard
7. Why Ask You?, for keyboard, MB 62 (first setting)
8. Fantasy for keyboard (Musica Britannica No 10)
9. Melancoly Galliard, for keyboard, MB 67b
10. In nomine (Musica Britannica No 9) for keyboard, MB 28
11. Dutch Dance for keyboard
12. Pavan and Galliard for keyboard, MB 86 ('Fantastic')
13. Galliard to the Pavan for keyboard
14. In nomine (Musica Britannica No 4) for keyboard
15. In nomine (Musica Britannica No 5) for keyboard
16. Musica Britannica No 15, Fantasia
17. Doctor Bull's Goodnight, for keyboard, MB 143
18. Lord Lumley's Pavan and Galliard (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), MB 129
19. Salvator Mundi 2, for keyboard, MB 38
20. Irish Toy for keyboard
21. Chromatic Pavane (Queen Elizabeth's), for keyboard, MB 87a
22. Chromatic Pavan and Galliard, for keyboard, MB 87 ('Queen Elisabeth's')
23. The Duke of Brusnwick's Alman 

Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord 

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