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Clément Janequin - La Chasse et autres chansons

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97 Mb

I think this is the finest record so far from the astonishing Clement Janequin Ensemble, for three reasons. The first is that every performance here is bursting with energy and with the apparent experience of innumerable public performances: you never get the impression that a piece was prepared just for the recording. There are six very different voices here, sometimes scarcely blending, and occasionally with a touch of roughness. But that is all part of the magic. They are real performances.
The second reason, related to the first, is that one of the Clement Janequin Ensemble's most notable virtues is the ability to articulate some of those long, elaborate works of Janequin that can so easily seem empty and rambling. The singers offer a masterly variety of colour, texture and pace that clarifies many of the internal details but at the same time seems always beautifully focused on the needs of the broad musical design. They show that Le caquet des femmes, La chasse and La guerre are works of considerable—if bizarre—genius.
Which in turn brings us to the third reason: Janequin. He is surely one of the most varied and resourceful of all sixteenth-century composers. The record includes three immaculately turned Ronsard settings, and two of Marot. It includes the superbly madrigalesque Ce petit a'ieu qui vole, the exquisite C'est a bon droit almost in the ultra-pure style of Claudin de Sermisy, and— as befits the finest musical exponent of the spirit of Rabelais—several works that are just plain dirty in a way that is difficult to parallel anywhere else in the history of music.

-- Gramophone [9/1988]


1. Le caquet des femmes
2. Va rossignol
3. D'un seul soleil
4. Bel aubépin verdissant
5. Gaillarde des dieux (Guillaume Morlaye)
6. J'ay double dueil
7. Au verd boys je m'en iray
8. Revenés souvent m'amye
9. J'ay d'un costé l'honneur
10. Ce petit dieu qui vole
11. Branle de bourgogne (Adrian Le Roy)
12. La guerre
13. L'espoir confus
14. Petite nymphe folastre
15. Pourquoy tournez-vous vos yeux
16. C'est à bon droit
17. Fantaisie (Guillaume Morlaye)
18. Sur l'aubépin qui est en fleurs
19. Ce moys de may
20. Las, si tu as plaisir
21. Venez hardis et légiers
22. Branle gay (Adrian Le Roy)
23. Plus ne suys
24. Frère thibault, séjourné, gros et gras
25. La chasse

Ensemble Clement Janequin
 Claude Debôves (Lute)

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