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17th & 18th Century Songs and Catches (Hilliard Ensemble)

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 70  Mb

Too bad this disc is so short (43 minutes) because I could listen and listen to it! Some of the songs are recorded a capella, some have a sparse harpsichord/gamba accompaniment, but either way, each song sounds very Hilliard. If you like their controlled, unaffected singing, you will love this disc the way I did. The best song here is the anonymous "Here lies a woman," sung by James, Elliott and Nixon (ATT). They sound out of this world! In this song, each voice is eerily alike, reaching the almost genderless sonority of a flute or a reed. It's unbelievable. Who needs sopranos? Then there is the amazing David James singing "Sweeter than roses," the best I've heard. Then there is "The street intrigue," a bizarre mini-drama in less than 3 minutes, which allows the Hilliard members to prove that their singing is not always churchy and "dull." Then there is "Since time so kind to us does prove" whose overtly sexual suggestiveness is so striking, considering that this dates back to 17th century... I could go on, but I've made my point. This is a great recording which you too should have. (An Amazon Customer)

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 1.   By a bank as I lay (Thomas Ravenscroft c1590-c1633)
 2.   Tho' I am young (Nicolas Laniere 1588-1666)
 3.   Lost in my quiet (Henry Purcell 1659-1695)
 4.   We be three poor mariners (Thomas Ravenscroft)
 5.   Sweeter than Roses (Henry Purcell
 6.   I spy Celia (Henry Purcell)
 7.   Since time so kind to us does prove (Henry Purcell)
 8.   Orpheus and Euridice (William Boyce 1710-1778)
 9.   Here's that will challenge all the Fair (Henry Purcell)
 10.   Which is the properest day to drink (Thomas Arne 1710-1778)
 11.   Chloe found Amyntas (John Blow 1649-1708)
 12.   Here lies a woman (Anonimous)
 13.   On thy banks, gentle Stour (William Boyce)
 14.   So well Corinna likes the joy (John Eccles c1650-1735)
 15.   My man John - A Riddle (John Eccles)
 16.   The Street Intrigue (Thomas Arne)
 17.   When the cock begins to crow (attrib. Henry Purcell)

The Hilliard Ensemble

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