sabato 29 novembre 2014

Vivaldi - The Concertos for Recorder

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 77Mb

The recorder only features in a handful of Vivaldi’s concertos. Well known for being an exceptional violinist, Vivaldi’s innovative style is apparent in his compositions for other instruments too. He used the same technique as when he composed for the violin, using a musical language marked by gigantic tonal ranges whether or not they were models for this in their respective repertoire. The result is a concert repertoire that is madly virtuosic and music of the greatest variety. Some could even say his recorder concertos represent the greatest challenge in the baroque repertoire.
Michael Schneider, regarded as one of today’s best German recorder players, presents his own interpretation of this fascinating group of works.

Concerto C major for Sopranino Recorder RV 444 (PV 79)
Concerto F major for Treble Recorder RV 442
Concerto A minor for Sopranino Recorder RV 445 (PV 83)
Concerto C minor for Treble Recorder RV 441 (PV 440)
Concerto C major for Sopranino Recorder RV 443 (PV 78)

Michael Schneider
Camerata Koln

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