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Johann Joachim Quantz - 7 Sonatas for Flute

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 110Mb

Johann Joachim Quantz was the most important flute virtuoso of the eighteenth century. Best known today for his Essay on Playing the Flute (Berlin, 1752), he wrote some two hundred sonatas for flute and continuo, about forty trio sonatas for two instruments and continuo, six quartets for flute, violin, viola and continuo, and some three hundred concertos for flute and strings. Many of these works were composed for King Frederick II of Prussia, Frederick the Great, himself an accomplished flautist and composer whom Quantz taught and later served as royal court musician from 1741 until his death. In addition, the eight surviving flutes by Quantz were probably all made for King Frederick.


B minor QV 1-167 (Dresden)
D major QV 1-47 D-dur (Potsdam)
C major QV 1-12 (Potsdam)
C minor QV 1-15 (Dresden)
F major QV 1-86 (Dresden)
E minor QV 1-73 (Dresden)
G major QV 1-105 (Potsdam)

Benedek Csalog - Baroque Flute
Rita Papp - Harpsichord

First recording

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