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Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre - Le Sommeil d'Ulisse

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Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre built her reputation on chamber composition, and while Samson certainly has its moments, Le Sommeil d'Ulisse is the more fascinating and musically varied of the two cantatas included here. The stormy sea scenes pictured on nearly every side of Alpha's triple-gatefold CD package refer to the cantata's most captivating segment--the sixth-movement Tempete, vivement where Neptune vents his rage by creating a storm that he hopes will destroy Ulysses. Though only a little more than two minutes long, it's a remarkably stunning scene depicted by waves of dotted ostinato rhythms and chromatic flurries carried by a relentlessly driving momentum. A similar though somewhat less ferocious scene near the conclusion of Samson (where he's demolishing the temple, burying himself and his enemies in its ruins) is equally captivating, and there are many other subtler yet equally inspired and enjoyable scenes throughout both cantatas. A violin sonata and two harpsichord selections are included here as well. The violin sonata is an expertly crafted charmer with plenty of thematic and rhythmic variety, especially in the melodically rich final two Prestos. Harpsichordist Freddy Eichelberger's performances of the Prelude and Chaconne from Jacquet de la Guerre's Third suite are equally accomplished--his brazen rendering of the Chaconne (in a brisk 2:23) will be especially revelatory for those used to Verlet's (Astrée) darker, far more grandiose treatment (more than a minute longer), or to the understated delicacy of Cerasi (Metronome). While many performers have devoted recordings to Jacquet de la Guerre's chamber and solo harpsichord works over the years, it's hopeful that with recordings as accomplished as these Isabelle Desrochers and colleagues will continue to investigate her vocal oeuvre as well as inspire others to do the same. Very highly recommended.
--John Greene,


01 Prélude pour clavecin en la mineur (1687)
02 Le Sommeil d'Ulisse
03 Chaconne pour clavecin en la mineur
04 Sonate pour violon & basse continue en ré mineur
05 Samson

Isabelle Desrochers, dessus

Le Voix Humaines

Alice Piérot, violon
François Nicolet, traverso
Marc Wolf, guitar baroque & théorbe
Freddy Eichelberger, clavecin
Christine Payeux, viole de gambe

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre

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