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The Father, the Son and the Godfather

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 111Mb

The title The Father, the Son, and the Godfather refers literally to J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, and Georg Philipp Telemann, respectively; Telemann was the elder Bach's professional rival, but there seems to have been no personal enmity, and Telemann served as Bach's son's godfather. That's about all there is to the concept of this BIS release, but the appeal of the sheer variety of the music is enhanced by the knowledge that it was all written between the 1720s and the 1750s, and all came out of roughly the same milieu. This is a kinetic, exciting group of pieces that bounce off each other in interesting ways. Sweden's Paradiso Musicale, named for harpsichordist Anna Paradiso, is a crack historical-instrument group that individualizes these pieces to the maximum, which is just what's desired. The images of them on the packaging and graphics are purely fanciful; the group includes only a recorder player, cellist, violist, and harpsichordist. Highlights include the folkish "Polish" finales of the two Telemann sonatas included, the subtle interplay between the unusual bass recorder and the viola in the C.P.E. Bach Trio sonata in F major, Wq 163, and the recorder playing of Dan Laurin in general. The chilly sound from Sweden's Länna Church represents a misstep for BIS; this quintessentially domestic music requires a gentler sound environment. That aside, this is a near-ideal Baroque chamber music recital that gives the music the weight and distinctiveness it deserves.

This is the first recording of Paradiso Musicale, an ensemble featuring the acclaimed recorder player Dan Laurin and made up of an unusual combination of instruments.


Georg Philipp Telemann
Sonata for recorder, viola da gamba & continuo in D minor, TWV 42:d7

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata for flute & keyboard in B minor, BWV 1030

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Trio sonata for viola, bass recorder & harpsichord in F major, H. 588, Wq. 163

Georg Philipp Telemann
Sonata for cello & continuo in D major (GMM No. 16), TWV 41:D6

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Sonata for viola da gamba & continuo in G minor, H. 510, Wq. 88

Georg Philipp Telemann
Sonata for recorder, viola da gamba & continuo in G minor, TWV 42:g9

Paradiso Musicale

Dan Laurin, recorder
Henrik Frendin, viola
Mats Olofsson, cello
Anna Paradiso, harpsichord

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