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Dame de Deuil

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Daughter of Hapsburg Emperor Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy, Marguerite of Austria (1480-1530) experienced a series of personal tragedies during the first three decades of her life - including deaths of her only brother and both husbands.
Despite her misfortunes, Marguerite has skillfully ruled The Netherlands for her nephew, Charles V. She is also remembered for her patronage over the arts. Herself a creative personality with literary and musical talents, she has made her court in Mechelen (now Belgium) a mansion of flamboyant Burgundian culture, shortly before its expiration. There she collected books and works or art, among which were such gems as 'Trés riches heures de duc de Berry' by Limbourg brothers or Van Eyck's 'Arnolfini Portrait'.
Some musical manuscripts now in the Bibliothèque Royale in Brussels were probably part of Marguerite's library. These include two songbooks and a handsome collection of courtly bassedanse tenors (foundations for improvised polyphonic dance compositions). All were most likely prepared for Marguerite herself - song collections contain settings of her plaintive texts, and the book of bassedanse tenors reflects her nostalgy for expiring Burgundian glories.


Anonymous - Triste suis de vostre langheur
Pierre De La Rue - A vous non autre servir, habandoné
Francisco de la Torre - Alta
Anonymous - Se je souspire, ecce iterum novus dolor
Pierre De La Rue - Pour ung jamais ung regret me demeure
Pierre De La Rue - Mijn, hert altijt heeft verlanghen
Alexander Agricola - Si dedero
Jacob Obrecht - Si sumpsero
Antoine Brumel - Tous les regretz quelques furent au monde
Anonymous - Fama malumAnonymous - Soubz ce tumbelAnonymous - Me fauldra-il tousjours ainsi languir?
Bassedanse - La verdelette
Bassedanse - La danse de cleves
Josquin Des Prez - Plus nulz regretz grans, moyens ne menuz

La Morra
Michael Gondko & Corina Marti

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