mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

P.A.Cesti - Cantate

7 tracks - MP3 VBR - RAR 97 Mb


Antonio Cesti was an important composer of the seventeenth century Italian Baroque, particularly in the field of opera. Born Pietro Cesti, he adopted the name Antonio when he joined the Franciscan order. He had already been a choir boy in Arezzo. Although details of his musical training are uncertain, it seems likely he studied with Abbatini, and possibly with Carissimi and Luigi Rossi. He joined the Franciscans in Volterra in 1637, was elected organist of the Cathedral there in 1643, and in 1645 was confirmed as master of music of the Volterra seminary and of the Cathedral.  (continue)


 1. Pria ch'adori
2. Amanti, io vi disfido
3. Lacrime mie
4. Mia tiranna
5. Orontea: Sinfonia avanti il prologo
6. Orontea: Atto I Sc. 11
7. Orontea: Atto II Sc. 1

Concerto Vocale

Judith Nelson (soprano)
René Jacobs (counter-tenor)
William Christie (harpsichord)
Konrad Junghänel (lute)
Jaap Ter Linden (violoncello)

dir. René Jacobs

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