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Music of the Crusades - Songs of Love and War

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94 Mb


This CD (a reissue of an LP dating from the 1970s) brings the Crusades and its people to life. There are recruiting songs, songs of loss and longing, songs of dedication. There is a beautiful song full of reverent wonder at the experience of being in the Holy Land. And there is the song purportedly written by Richard the Lionhearted while imprisoned. (Amazon review)


1. La Quinte estampie real
2. Pax in nomine domini!
3. Parti de mal
4. Chevalier, mult estes
5. Chanterai por mon corage
6. Danse real
7. Sade Syon, in pulvere
8. Palästinalied
9. Condicio - O Nacio - Mane Prima
10. O tocius Asie
11. La uitime estampie real
12. Cum sint difficilia
13. Li noviaus tens
14. Fortz chausa es que tot lo major dan
15. Je ne Puis - Amors me tienent - Veritatem
16. Ahi! Amours
17. La Tierche estampie real
18. Ja nus hons pris
19. Au tens plain de felonnie

Early Music Consort of London
dir. David Munrow

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