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D.Scarlatti - The Complete Sonatas (Lester)

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Richard Lester's coverage of the complete Scarlatti keyboard sonatas is very impressive indeed; it has the greatest advantage both of economy and of being made available in seven separate boxes. Lester's credentials are impeccable but, more importantly, he is obviously very enthusiastic about this repertoire and his spontaneous playing conveys that dedication. His style is admirably flexible and altogether most winning."A really exceptional issue on every count." ****
The Penguin Guide to Classical Recorded Music

Should be considered as first choice for potential collectors of the whole oeuvre… an enterprising Scarlatti project and a completist’s dream. Impressive work by any standards.
The Gramophone

Lovingly prepared… giving literally hundreds of pieces their first really convincing performances.
Eighteenth Century Music Magazine

Full of conviction, colour and character.
BBC Music Magazine

Lester plays with total conviction and authority, characterizing and colouring each work with incisive ornamentation and clear voice-leading, and his technique is entirely up to the enormous and varied challenges of these works. One can only sit back in astonishment and marvel at the sheer originality of Scarlatti's keyboard writing, of which Lester is a most ardent and persuasive advocate.
International Record Review

There are several complete sets on the market, but Lester consistently pushes the boundaries. His playing is intense, sharp and powerfully rhythmic. All these traits add up to an interpretation that portrays Scarlatti as an almost Lisztian virtuoso – an interpretation to which his music certainly stands up.
All Music Guide. USA


Volume I

Richard Lester, harpsichord

Essercizi per Gravicembalo (K1-30)
Venice I & II (1752) (K49, K98, K99, K129, K148-201)

6 CD Set: 6 hours 47 mins

Volume II

Richard Lester, harpsichord & organ

Venice III - V (1753) (K206 - 295)
6 CD Set: 6 hours 24 mins

Volume III

Richard Lester, harpsichord & organ

Venice VI - VIII (1753-4) (K296 - 355, K358 - 387)

6 CD Set: 6 hours 1 min

Volume IV

Richard Lester, harpsichord & fortepiano

Venice IX - XI (1754-6) (K388 - 451, K454 - 483)

6 CD Set: 6 hours 54 mins

Volume V

Richard Lester, harpsichord & fortepiano Academia Musicali
Elizabeth Lester & Nerys Evans, recorders

Venice XII - XIII (1756-7) (K484 - 543) Continuo Sonatas K78, K81, K88 - 91)

5 CD Set: 5 hours 5 mins

Volume VI

Richard Lester, harpsichord

Venice XIV (1742) (K3, 10-12, 17, 31, 36-38, 43-77, 79, 80, 82-87, 92, 93)
Venice XV (1749) (K96, K98-138)

6 CD Set: 7 hours 3 mins

Volume VII

Richard Lester, harpsichord

Appendices & Diversities
57 Sonatas

3 CD Set: 3 hours 41 mins

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