giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Nicolas Chedeville - Les Deffis ou L'Etude Amusante

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The (in)famous parody of Vivaldi's four seasons. "Nicolas Chedeville was high priest of an improbable bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy cult to which much of French high society surrendered in the early 18th century. The aristocrats wandered through their country parks dressed in `peasant' clothes, picnicked on country fare...and rural music was a favourite accompaniment, played on instruments with an appropriately rustic pedigree but exquisitely craftsman-made, much `improved', sounding as civilised as they possibly could in court-professional hands." Chedeville himself was a master of the musette, a small, refined version of the bagpipe.

Robert Mandel, hurdy-gurdy
Pal Nemeth, flute
Ensemble Le Berger fortuné

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