giovedì 12 maggio 2016

Le Concert Royal de la Nuit

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In late February 1653, just after the Fronde rebellion, the most influential spectacle of the early reign of Louis XIV was presented at the Louvre: the Ballet Royal de la Nuit. Grandiose, and carefully elaborated at the highest levels of the state, the libretto by Benserade called upon the finest artists of the time. Banishing the troubles of night, Louis XIV danced in the Sun King costume that would henceforth be forever associated with him. This unmissable world premiere recording presents a reconstruction of the work created by Sebastien Dauce that includes music by Jean de Cambefort, Antoine Boesset, Louis Constantin, Michel Lambert, Francesco Cavalli and Luigi Rossi.

Sébastien Daucé spent three years reconstructing the music from the huge piece, performed in 1653, with 15-year-old Louis dancing the sun king to wild acclaim. Little record was kept of those who contributed music for the ballet, but Jean de Cambefort was definitely among them and Daucé has intelligently reworked incomplete sketches made 40 years after the work’s performance, interpolating some passages from Francesco Cavalli and others, all sung and played with tremendous verve by the suave singers and players of the Ensemble Correspondances.

Ensemble Correspondances
dir. Sebastien Dauce

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    wonderful share again, as this most impressive courtly showpiece of the early reign of Louis XIV I never heard of, indispensable recording, so thanks for this gem, very much appreciated!