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Italian Recorder Sonatas

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR Mb

Trio Passaggio was founded in 1991. The name of the ensemble is derived from the early baroque performance practice of improvising diminutions, an art which was cultivated principally in Italy. Trio Passaggio concertizes widely, mainly in Holland but also in France, Germany, Austria and Denmark. In september 1993 the ensemble was one of the laureates of the presentation competition organised by the "Nederlandse Impresariaat". In october 1994 it gave a successful series of concerts in the United States and Canada.


Biagio Marini - Sonata Duodecima (Op.VIII,1629)
Biagio Marini - Sonata Prima (Op.XIII,1629)
Biagio Marini - Romanesca (Op.III,1620
Biagio Marini - Sonata a due (Op.XXII,1655)
Tarquinio Merula - Capriccio Cromatico
Giovanni Pandolfi Mealli - Sonata Prima 'La Bernabea' (Op.IV,1660)
Giovanni Pandolfi Mealli - Sonata Quarta 'La Castella' (Op.III,1660)
Giovanni Pandolfi Mealli - Sonata Seconda 'La Cesta' (Op.IV,1660)
Tarquinio Merula - Tocatta del secondo tono
Benedetto Marcello - Sonata in a-minor (Op.II,3 1712)
Benedetto Marcello - Sonata in G-major (Op.I,6 1732)
Benedetto Marcello - Sonata in d-minor (Op.II,2 1712)

Trio Passaggio 

Matthias Maute, flauti
Norbert Kunst, fagotti
Pieter Dirksen, organo e cembalo

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