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Spielleyt - Tempus Fugit

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 123 Mb

This programme focuses on the subject of becoming and fading, love, everyday life and death from the point of view of men in the late middle ages. Following the cycle of the seasons, an atmosphere of happiness and melancholy dominates the compositions which range from the boisterous spring song to the gloomy Geisslerlied.

Not only the music, but also the recitations of contemporary letters, read by Klaus Hemmerle (actor at the National Theatre Stuttgart), reflect the life awareness of people living at the transition to the Renaissance.


1. Vil lieber grüsse süsse, K 68 by Oswald von Wolkenstein 
2. Quan je voy le duc by Anonymous 
3. Par maintes foys by Jehan Vaillant 
4. En biancha vesta (14th century) by Anonymous 
5. Frölich geschrai so well wir machen, K 93 by Oswald von Wolkenstein 
6. Ghaetta, istampita for ensemble by Anonymous 
7. Rodrigo Martinez, villancico by Anonymous 
8. Salterello I (14th century) by Anonymous 
9. Fro welt ir sint gar hüpsch und schön by Burk Mangolt 
10. Apposte Messe by Lorenzo da Firenze 
11. Adieu ces bon vins de Lannoys by Guillaume Dufay 
12. Der Wallt hat sich entlaubet (The trees are now bare) by Anonymous 
13. Nu tret herzuo der boessen welle (Lied der Geißler) by Anonymous 
14. Verbum caro factum est: Dies est leticie (14th century) Traditional 
15. Ave mater, o Maria, K 116 by Oswald von Wolkenstein 
16. Passacalli della vita ("Homo fugit velut umbra") by Anonymous 
17. Third and Last Booke of Songes or Aires: no 2, Time stands still by John Dowland 

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