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Johann Mattheson - Suites

34 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 112 Mb

The discovery of music manuscripts from the estate of composer and music journalist Johann Mattheson in Armenia has been the cause of great excitement for fanciers of the German Baroque -- here, finally, is the opportunity to get to know this friend of Handel and Bach whose written words are so eloquent and informative, yet whose music has proven so elusive.
This 75-minute disc contains a little less than half the set of 12 harpsichord suites Mattheson published in England in 1714 and in Germany a little later, with four suites presented in excerpted form. 
There is a greater familiarity to the sound of Mattheson's suites in a general sense in that they relate very strongly to the French Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach, composed nearly a decade later.
Holtz's interpretations are splendid and well suit Mattheson's intentions through a sparing and tasteful use of ornaments and a steady yet flexible approach to tempi.
The instrument employed is in fabulous condition; it is clear, full-throated, and well intoned. Holtz acknowledges "Menno van Delft for lending his instrument," but we are not told what the instrument is; from the sound of it, it seems likely a harpsichord of modern make. Ramée's recording is close, transparent, and up front without being unrealistically loud. Friends of Baroque keyboard music should definitely keep an eye out for Ramée's Johann Mattheson's Suites.
Uncle Dave Lewis 


Suite No. 1 in D Minor
Suite No. 12 in F Minor (extract)
Suite No. 11 In C Major (extract)
Suite No. 5 In C Minor (extract)
Suite No. 4 In G Minor (extract)
Suite No. 6 In E-Flat Major
Suite No. 9 In G Minor

Cristiano Holtz, harpsichord

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