lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Capturing Music. The Story of Notation

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 107 Mb

This CD came with a book which I'm trying to find.


 1. - Gregorian Chant, Introit " Ad Te Levavi "
 2. - Gregorian Chant, Introit " Resurrexi "
 3. - Gregorian Chant, Alleluia " Pascha Nostrum "
 4. - Hymn, " Ut Queant Laxis "
 5. - Alleluia " Pascha Nostrum "
 6. - Alleluia " Pascha Nostrum "
 7. - Clausula, " Latus Est "
 8. - Motet, " Immolata Paschali Victima "
 9. - Sumer Is Icumen In / Perspice Christicola
 10. - Motet, " Diex Qui Porroit / En Grant Dolour / Aptatur "
 11. - Motet, " Aucun Ont Trouvé / Lonctans Me Sui / Annun [Tiantes] "
 12. - Motet, " Garrit Gallus / In Nova Fert "
 13. - Biauté Qui Toutes Autres Pere
 14. - Io Son Un Pellegrin
 15. - Musica Son
 16. - En Attendant, Esperance Conforte
 17. - Belle, Bonne, Sage, Plaisant

Blue Heron

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  1. ¿Funcionan los links? (En mi ordenador, parece que no)

    Fare i collegamenti? (Sul mio computer, non sembra) [traducción automática online]

  2. Bonjour. It seems the links are not working. Please address the issue, thank you.

  3. I found a link to read a pdf of the book, but I don't know if it's free... I'll look in the library too, and let you know if I find it. :-)

    1. Not found for free, but found this:

    2. Thank you kaline. This is not the same book as accompanies the CD, but looks like quite a read.

      It seems that Bibixy forgot to include the links to the CD in the original posting. I would have thought that he would see the comments here and repair the html code to include the links. Let's hope.

      And maybe someone will find the book that accompanies the CD.


    3. Hi to everybody. Col, I didn't forgot to include the book, it's just that I don't have it but, as I wrote in the body of the article, I'm trying to find it for the blog. greetings

  4. Bonjour. No way to repair the links? It seems to be a good work to listen to. Mille grazie.

  5. I found the book that accompanies the cd and also the cd ! but, but...there missing few pages.
    Is there any mail adress to send it, I´ll be pleased to do it !!

    Estimados, he encontrado el cd, y el libro ! pero, pero, siempre hay un pero, al libro le faltan algunas páginas. Por favor quisiera saber si existe alguna dirección de e-mail o dónde subirlo para poder compartirlo.
    Saludos cordiales,

  6. Thank you for the links to the CD - col

  7. Gratíssimo - J.Geraldo - Brasil

  8. Bonjour. The links are now accessible but download process stops stating network problem for both uploaded and file factory. Same issue for Schmierer. Please address, thank you.

  9. Bonjour. The links are now completely operational for the last three posts/uploads. Mille grazie for continuing this very musically enriching site.