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Karina Gauvin - Prima Donna

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 116 Mb

Canadian superstar soprano Karina Gauvin pays tribute to baroque diva Anna Maria Strada del Pò, singing rarities by Vinci, Vivaldi and some of the greatest Handel arie di bravura. Like Strada del Pò in her prime, Miss Gauvin sings this repertoire with powerful expression and brilliant technique, in particular, the trills for which Strada del Pò was renowned. More than thirteen opera roles were created by Handel for Strada del Pò (including Sosarme, Orlando, and Alcina). 

Karina Gauvin has impressed audiences and critics the world over with her luscious timbre, profound musicality and wide vocal range. The Globe and Mail calls her “one of the dream sopranos of our time.” The Sunday Times in London also wrote: “Her glinting soprano, bright-edged yet deliciously rounded and sensual, is used with rare understanding for character... ”


George Frideric Handel - Scherza in mar [Adelaide • Lotario HWV 26]
George Frideric Handel - No, non potrà [Angelica • Orlando HWV 31]
George Frideric Handel - Verdi piante [Angelica • Orlando HWV 31]
Leonardo Vinci - Tortorella se rimira [Ermione • Astianatte]
George Frideric Handel - Adagio [Concerto grosso op. 3 no 1 HWV 312]
George Frideric Handel - Dite pace [Elmira • Sosarme HWV 30]
Antonio Vivaldi - Addio caro [Rosanne • La Verità in Cimento, RV 739]
George Frideric Handel - Da te parto [Emilia • Flavio HWV 16]
George Frideric Handel - Ouverture [Lotario HWV 26]
George Frideric Handel - Ah Ruggiero crudel [Alcina • Alcina HWV 34]
George Frideric Handel - Ombre pallide [Alcina • Alcina HWV 34]
George Frideric Handel - Si, son quella [Alcina • Alcina HWV 34]
George Frideric Handel - Adagio[Concerto grosso op. 6 no 8 HWV 326]
George Frideric Handel - Ah mio cor [Alcina • Alcina HWV 34]
George Frideric Handel - Care selve [Meleagro • Atalanta HWV 35]

Arion Orchestre Baroque
    Alexander Weimann, conductor

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