mercoledì 10 giugno 2015

Juifs et Trouvères

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 128 Mb

This twelfth installment in the Collection Musical Heritage of the Jews of France is dedicated to the religious and festival songs of the Jewish communities living in Northern France in the second half of the 13th century. During this troubled time, spanning the burning of the Talmud through the great expulsion of 1306, Jews shared much of their daily life and language with the Christians, as well as a common taste in literature, monuments, the sounds of cities and fairs, their joie-de-vivre, and popular music.


Shalfu tzarim (liturgical)
Roi de poer (for the New Year)
El-givat ha-levona (wedding song)
Por autrui movrai mon chant (love song)
L'autrier par un matinet / Au nouveau tens (instrumental)
Las, las, las, que ferai (Jacob's lament)
Ne puis ma grant joie celer (Jacob's song)
Les anfanz des avot (for the New Year)
Par grant franchise (love song)
A une ajornee / Quant je oi chanter l'aloete (instrumental)
Deror yiqra (song for Sabbath)
Mout sont il a mechief mis (Elegy of Troyes)
Lai des puceles (instrumental)
Uri liqr'a ti yafah (wedding song)
La nuit de Pesah (Leil shimurim)

Alla Francesca

Brigitte Lesne (voice, harps, percussion)
Pierre Hamon (bagpipes, flutes)
Lior Leibovici (voice)
Viviabiancaluna Biffi (fiddle, percussion)
Michaël Grébil (voice, citterns, lute, percussion)

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