giovedì 23 aprile 2015

Codex Chantilly. Ballades et Rondeaux

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 90 Mb

The composers of the Codex Chantilly called their music "ars subtilior" -- a more subtle art. They were right; no music has ever been more complex rhythmically, more experimental harmonically, or more nuanced in its poetic texts, which include the first song about "smoke intoxication" in the European canon. Very few performers have the technical command of this repertoire to make it enjoyable for a modern listener, but Ensemble Organum succeeds by way of tonal conviction and polyrhythmic precision.


1. Se Galaas Et Le Puissant Artus
2. Dieux Gart
3. Sans Joie Avoir
4. Or Voit Tout
5. Toute Clerte
6. Tout Par Compas
7. Belle, Bonne, Sage
8. En Nul Estat
9. La Harpe De Mellodie
10. Fumeux Fume Par Fumee
11. Armes, Amours
12. Adieu Vous Di

Ensemble Organum

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