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Etienne-Nicholas Méhul - Overtures

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Nicholas Méhul (1763-1817) is an intriguing transitional figure in French music, with a career that historically spanned the final years of the reign of Louis XVI and the heyday of Napoleon, and musically spanned the pinnacle of the classical style and the first stirrings of romanticism.Nowadays his music is hardly ever performed. The operas to which the nine pieces on this well-played disc provided the overtures - works like Mélidore et Phrosine, Horatius Coclès and Les Deux Aveugles de Tolède - have become little more than entries in a work list. But he was a forward-looking and, in his time, highly influential, composer, whose sense of musical theatre left its imprint on Berlioz and Weber especially.These overtures show how Méhul pushed at the boundaries of what could be expected of an orchestra at the beginning of the 19th century, giving it a new dramatic responsibility in the operatic scheme of things. This is no substitute for recordings of the complete operas, but is still worth investigating.


01 - Mélidore et Phrosine
02 - Ariodant
03 - Joseph
04 - Horatius Coclès
05 - Bion
06 - Le jeune sage et le vieu fou
07 - Le trésor supposé
08 - Les deux aveugles de Tolède
09 - Le chasse du jeune Henri

Orchestre de Bretagne
 dir. Stefan Sanderling


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