martedì 17 marzo 2015

Bara Faustus' Dreame

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Another supremely high-concept disc superlatively executed, this package called Bara Faustus' Dreame performed by Les Witches and produced by Alpha is essentially a recital of soulfully sorrowful songs and deeply despairing dances by Dowland, Morley, Byrd, Philips, and others. Mixing mournful instrumental pieces bearing names like Pavana Dolorosa with doleful songs with titles like "In darkness let me dwell," the program is certain to incite even the most optimistic to embrace nihilism. Performed with consummate artistry by the instrumental ensemble called Les Witches, augmented with the complete sympathy of vocalizing guest Witches, the recital is sure to drive even the most happy folks to unassuageable hopelessness. Produced with the standard lush sound, customary sumptuous notes, and usual lavish art reproductions by Alpha, the package is bound to please even the most discriminating record collectors. Any listener looking for a reason to do themselves in can be positive of finding at least one if not several in Bara Faustus' Dreame. 


1 - Anonyme - Goe from my window
2 - John Dowland - Com when i call
3 - Richard Alison - Goe from my window
4 - Dowland - van Eyck - Can she excuse / Excuse moy
5 - Peter Phillips - Pavana dolorosa. Tregian
6 - Peter Phillips - Galiarda dolorosa
7 - John Dowland - From silent night
8 - Alfonso Ferrabosco - Dovehouse pavan
9 - Alfonso Ferrabosco - Heare me. O God
10 - William Byrd - Tregian's ground
11 - Giovanni Coperario - In darkness let me dwell
12 - John Ward - Fantasy
13 - Anonyme - The shepherd's joy
14 - Thomas Morley - O mistresse mine
15 - John Dowland - Thomas Morley - Captaine pipers pavin
16 - John Dowland - Thomas Morley - Galliard Can she excuse
17 - John Dowland - If my complaints could passions move

Les Witches

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  1. El primer track es maravilloso.
    First track is wonderful.

  2. A real gem! Thank you!