venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

Bach - Concertos pour Clavecin

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It is impossible to be absolutely sure when and for which occasion Bach created these arrangements. The solo concertos have come down to us in a single autograph manuscript which was compiled around 1737-39. However, it is quite possible that the arrangements were made earlier, and in that case Bach may have performed them in his capacity as director of the Collegium Musicum. Research has shown that Bach changed the procedure of transcription while working on them. The transcriptions of the concertos BWV 1058 and 1059 are the first, and here the right hand plays the solo part of the original concerto with the left hand doubling the basso continuo line. In the other concertos Bach adds embellishments to both hands. Sometimes he completely rewrote the basso continuo part and in some concertos also the string parts. 


Béatrice Martin, harpsichord

Les Folies Françoises
dir. Patrick Cohën-Akenine

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