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When Birds Do Sing

33 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - ZIP 101 Mb

'The Folger Consort with celebrated English tenor, Rogers Covey-Crump. For those who couldn't make it to the Folger - Rogers Covey-Crump uses his voice in an amazingly subtle and expressive way to render the shadings of meaning. He's an absolute master of his craft.' The title of this CD is taken from a song in Shakespeare's As You Like It and is part of a program of music from the England of Elizabeth's time through the Restoration.


Elizabethan and Jacobean Ayres and Instrumental Works
 1. It was a lover and his lass (Thomas Morley)
 2. La volto (Thomas Morley)
 3. The cypress curtain of the night (Thomas Campion)
 4. Browning (Elway Bevin)
 5. Fair in a morn (Thomas Morley)

    Popular Tunes and a Broadside Ballad
 6. Kemp's Jig
 7. Selinger's Round
 8. Cock Lorel
 9. Daphne
 10. All in a Garden Green

    More Elizabethan and Jacobean Works
 11. Il Lamento (Thomas Morley)
 12. La Girandola (Thomas Morley)
 13. I saw my Lady weep (John Dowland)
 14. Woodycock (Anonymous)
 15. See where she lies (Thomas Campion)
 16. Pavan (Anthony Holborne)
 17. See mine own sweet jewel (Thomas Morley)

    Jacobean Theatrical Music
 18. The Jew's dance (Anonymous)
 19. Why stays the bridegroom (Alfonso Ferrabosco)
 20. Johnson's flat masque (Robert Johnson)
 21. Have you seen the bright lily grow? (Robert Johnson)
 22. Sir Roger Bacon's masque (Anonymous)
 23. Sir Roger Bacon's masque (Anonymous)

    Music of the Commonwealth and Restoration
 24. At dead low ebb of night (Henry Lawes)
 25. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Fancy
 26. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Ayre
 27. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant I
 28. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant II
 29. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant I da capo
 30. Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Sarab(and)
 31. Cupid's Doomsday (Alphonso Marsh)
 32. Divisions on a ground in D minor (Christopher Simpson)
 33. Gather your Rose buds while you may (William Lawes)


Robert Eisenstein, viol, recorder
Christopher Kendall, lute
Scott Reiss, recorders

with Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor

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