venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerti per Clavicembalo

27 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 134 Mb

This is a transcription of some of the Red Priest concertos from a manuscript dating the early 18th century belonged to a Ann Dawson and stored in the Manchester Library.


from "L'Estro Armonico"Concerto op.3 No.5
Concerto op.3 No.7
Concerto op.3 No.9
Concerto op.3 No.12

from "La Stravaganza"Concerto op.4 No.1
Concerto op.4 No.3
Concerto op.4 No.4
Concerto op.4 No.6
Concerto op.4 No.1

Enrico Baiano, harpsichord

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