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Musica en Tiempos de Velazquez

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On this recording of Spanish instrumental and theatre music from the seventeenth century, both the instrumental playing and the solo singing are of a high order. Soprano Marta Almajano has a clear and well focused voice, that is both fuller and more nuanced with a wider range of expression than that of Montserrat Figueras; the singing is also less idiosyncratic but equally idiomatic. Almajano is at her most expressive, perhaps, in Jose Marin's Ojos, que me desdenais , and is scintillatingly alive to the drama of some of the other pieces by Juan Hidalgo, the Spanish equivalent of Purcell. In some items (for example, Hidalgo's Peynandose estaba un olmo ) the balance between voice and instruments is rather odd, with the latter too prominent or, at least, with the voice sounding curiously distant by comparison. At other times (in Hidalgo's Cuydado, pastor ) the balance seems better. Both Jose Miguel Moreno on vihuela and baroque guitar and Paolo Pandolfo on gamba are technically assured and imaginative players, and lead the rest of the team (Nuria Llopis on harp and Juan Carlos de Mulder on theorbo) in performances that are full of rhythmic zest and imagination. The music itself is charming and dramatic by turn, and certainly bears repeated listening. It is generally less harmonically adventurous than Purcell (despite some telling chromaticisms in Marin's Aquella sierra nevada ), but has a cogent harmonic idiom of its own and is full of rhythmic interest."


2 HIDALGO Peynándose estaba un olmo
3 HIDALGO ¡Tonante dios!
4 MARTÍN Y COLL Canarios
5 MARÍN Ojos, pues me desdeñáis
6 SELMA Susana passeggiata
7 HIDALGO De las luces que en el mar
8 HIDALGO Cuydado, pastor
9 SANZ Canarios
10 HIDALGO Ay que sí, ay que no
11 RUIZ DE RIBAYAZ Españoletas
12 MARÍN Aquella sierra nevada
13 SELMA Fantasía
14 MARÍN No piense Menguilla
15 GUERAU Marionas
16 DURÓN Sosieguen, descansen
17 HIDALGO Ay, que me río de Amor
18 SANZ Lantururú

Ensemble La Romanesca

dir. José Miguel Moreno

Marta Almajano, soprano
José Miguel Moreno, vihuela
Paolo Pandolfo, viola de gamba
Juan Carlos de Mulder, tiroba
Nuria Llopis, arpa
Toni Millán, clave

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