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Giovanni Battista Fontana - 12 Sonate

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He was born in Brescia, and worked there and in Rome and Padova. He died in Padova during a plague. Nearly all information preserved about him comes from the preface of his posthumously published 18 (sometimes incorrectly stated 12) sonatas (Sonate a 1.2.3. per il violino, o cornetto, fagotto, chitarone, violoncino o simile altro istromento, Venice, 1641). They are among the earliest sonatas of this form, consisting of 6 sonatas for solo violin/cornetto with continuo and 12 sonatas for one to three violins and continuo, the latter group often including a demanding concertante part for bassoon or cello. An "atto di morte" dated 7 September 1630 for a “Zan Batta Fontana” aged 50, is the only one among the Paduan death registers of 1625–30 for a person bearing that name.

12 sonate a 1. 2. 3 per il violino o cornetto, fagotto, chitarrone,
violoncino o simile altro istromento(1641).

Sonata Nona (cornetto, fagotto, clavicembalo) 5:16
Sonata Sesta (violino, clavicembalo) 7:09
Sonata Ottava (2 violini, violoncino, clavicembalo) 5:51
Sonata Seconda (flauto, clavicembalo) 6:31
Sonata Quartadecima (violino, cornetto, fagotto, clavicembalo) 5:46
Sonata Quarta (cornetto, violoncino, chitarrone) 5:29
Sonata Decima (violino, fagotto, clavicembalo) 5:57
Sonata Terza (flauto, clavicembalo) 4:43
Sonata Prima (cornetto, fagotto, clavicembalo) 3:27
Sonata Sestadecima (flauto, 2 violini, violoncino, clavicembalo) 4:48
Sonata Quinta (violino, violoncino, chitarrone) 5:03
Sonata Undecima(2 violini, violoncino, clavicembalo) 3:25

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